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SEPT 27 - OCT 20, 2019

The State Fair of Texas, as one of America’s largest, longest, and most historic state fairs, provides a unique venue for the promotion of heritage tourism as an important Texas product. To this end, the Texas Heritage Trails Program (THTP) rents a 10 x 20 booth. Volunteers staffing the booth will be greeting and educating the public, distributing travel literature and giveaways, and promoting the authentic, meaningful experience of travel in Texas.​

Nearly 3 million visitors will attend the Fair, and the THTP booth is situated in one of the most popular pavilions, the Texas Department of Agriculture's Food and Fiber Pavilion, where it is naturally branded as a “made in Texas” product.

Staffing of the booth for the duration of the Fair is handled by Texas Heritage Trails staff and board members, volunteers from our partner organizations, TxDOT staff. (Regional Directors unable to cover shifts at the Fair because of travel and distance routinely cover other major events during the year, so that no region bears an undue burden of responsibility overall.)

The booth display incorporates tabletops for stacks of Heritage Trails brochures and maps, and THC brochures, as well as standing three-sided kiosks with interchangeable acrylic literature holders. Banner stands and a THC backdrop enhance the visual presentation.

For some of the Heritage Trails Regions, literature distribution at the Fair is pay-to-play for partners. Partners must follow quantity, size, and shipping instructions carefully, for their materials to arrive on time and be properly displayed throughout the fair.

For Partners,  the privilege of volunteering to work at the Fair is also a great opportunity—to boost your particular community and destination, to learn more about promotion approaches and Texas travel in general, and not least, to enjoy the Fair!

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